Adding opens the door to completing the "amnesty" after the investiture to not "force the machine a lot"

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Every day there is more evidence that the PSOE and Sumar are moving at full speed to approve an amnesty law that frees the pro-independence defendants from their legal cases and that serves to meet Junts’ demands to make Pedro Sánchez president of the Government. However, the question is also when it would be done. Before or after the inauguration of the socialist leader? Carles Puigdemont demands that it be before that vote. However, Sumar, who is one of the actors involved in this negotiation in several bands, has made a change in the last few hours regarding the approval calendar and now opens the door for it to be completed later, because there may not be time before. .

And it is beginning to be assumed that there is a problem in meeting the deadlines demanded by Junts because it would imply “stretching the machine a lot” in the processing in Congress and the Senate. Even if it is done urgently, as was already done with the repeal of sedition and the reduction of embezzlement to approve the 2023 Budgets.

This has been recognized by Sumar’s negotiator with the independentists, Jaume Asens, who has said that it is true that the times requested by Puigdemont could be met on paper, but that the truth is that it is “very tight.” “I don’t know if it can be done in those terms,” ​​he commented during an interview on TVE.

Sumar does not want to make deadlines an added complication. Sources from the coalition suggest that perhaps it could be worth it with a gesture such as presenting the bill and starting the legislative procedures to complete them a little later. But it is assumed that the issue of timing is due to a problem of trust. Puigdemont wants it first so that Sánchez does not back down or reduce his reach.

At a press conference, Sumar’s spokesman, Ernest Urtasun, also cooled the possibility of seeing the amnesty before the investiture. He has elaborated that the approval “is something that will have to be seen”, slipping therefore that it will be negotiated with Junts and ERC, and “see if it is possible.” Thus, he has stressed that Sumar has the “will” to carry out the measure in any case.

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