Aitana begins her ‘Alpha’ tour in Valencia with a more electric and direct style

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Without denying the songs that he has as a pop icon, nor the ballads with which he broke into Operación Triunfo, the father has made ‘Alpha’, his third album, the first lyric of his new musical universe, much more electric, direct and suggestiveas he demonstrated this Sunday at the start of his tour in Valencia.

Surrounded by pink t-shirts – the color in which the Catalan asked her fans to come -, her parents and her boyfriend, who has not missed a single detail of the concert, Aitana has converted the imposing stage of the City of Arts and Sciences on a large and immense dance floor, supported to a large extent by her group of ten dancers and by a remarkable scenography, which grows at the rate that the artist does.

Irreverence has been shown from the beginning through her movements on the track, already exhibited with ‘Alpha09’ and ‘Los Ángeles’, her first two songs, in which she has exposed the daring of this “new” singer, more confident. on stage and ready to dance to the music.

He couldn’t “promise not to cry,” he said. Aitana Ocaña (Barcelona, ​​1999), but the reality is that he has launched into singing the songs from his new album, 15 songs of love and heartbreak that are combined in the Greek symbol of ‘alpha’, painted on the stage.

In fact, she has not hesitated to get excited about ‘The Killers’, where she narrates, in part, the breakup with her ex-boyfriend Miguel Bernardeau, in 2023 that “has been a year with many changes.”

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