Albacete presents the best fair of the Casas-Amador era

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The Albacete Fair 2023 has already seen the light with the best wickers of recent years. The best, I mean, from the era of Simón Casas and Manuel Amador, who won the management of the Albacete bullring in 2021. Since then, Albacete had lowered its tone, ceding the ground to the other September fairs, but this year Casas and Amador have finished off a notable fair with the well-knit presence of the figures, also of the local bullfighters, and a bullfighting finale with Victorino and La Quinta. It will be because a new extension has to be renewed or because it was due, but the reality is that the Virgen de los Llanos serial returns Albacete to its level.

The posters are as follows:

September 8th. Fuente Ymbro bulls for Sergio Serrano, Fernando Adrián and José Fernando Molina.

September 9. Steers from Montealto for Manuel Caballero and Samuel Navalón

September, 10th. Bulls from Los Espartales for Andy Cartagena, Diego Ventura and Lea Vi

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