An impeccable Borja Jiménez wins even without repair; The Toro de Lidia Foundation loses credibility

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The Toro de Lidia Foundation (FTL) had plenty of time to rectify the very serious human error (sic) that has left Borja Jiménez out of the Chenel Cup final. Let’s agree that considering a lag of 3 minutes and 8 seconds over 10 minutes as an “error” without giving any warning to Juan del Álamo in a contest that penalizes warnings is very naive. Or generous. Jiménez was given one and was kicked out of the final.

What is serious about the FTL has not only been its maintenance and not amend it, but its pathetic statement as the last response that could be summarized in these paragraphs: “In the case of Borja Jiménez we are very sorry for the errors that may have occurred from the presidency. But our obligation is to support both the presidents and the juries, who do a difficult and thankless job, always subject to error and criticism”.

The text enters by itself later in a thick mud: “And our doctrine is the same, we do not enter to value what has already been closed. It is our responsibility as organizers and we assume it, without the Community of Madrid or its Center intervening in this of Bullfighting Affairs”. Borja Cardelús, general director of the Foundation, covering the hand that he financed, rocks the cradle and supports the beach bar. Sort of you give me bread and call me a fool. Since CAT on Thursday night, when they supposedly reviewed the play as if it were VAR, he had also passed the hot potato to the FTL like “we can’t do anything”. As if they weren’t pulling the strings.

Borja Jiménez’s attitude has been impeccable. Until almost desperately trying this Friday morning one last attempt at repair, offering to kill the two bulls from Palha and leaving Isaac Fonseca and Del Álamo those from Montealto and Zacarías Moreno, praising the contest and renouncing to undertake another type of actions that could paralyze the final. Nothing has worked for him, and he has still had to receive an unspeakable call that I will not reveal at the express wish of the bullfighter. But in the eyes of all those who have supported the Chenel Cup, of all the members of the Foundation, of all the fans who believed in it, Borja Jiménez, who is going through a moment of maturity in his career, has won. And, of course, the Toro de Lidia Foundation has lost. Neither credibility nor transparency in his stubborn attitude. Pride was always a lousy travel companion.

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