And "Strange object" falls in a tourist town in Sinai, according to Egyptian television

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A “strange object” fell today near the power plant in the tourist town of Nuweiba, in the east of the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, about 70 kilometers south of the Egyptian city of Taba, bordering Israel and where this morning a drone left six injured when it hit near a hospital.

Security sources informed Egyptian state television Al Qahera News that “a foreign object fell near the power plant in Nuweiba”, a tourist town on the Red Sea, without specifying whether the incident caused material damage or injuries.

So far the details of the incident are unknown, which could be an intercepted drone or projectile that fell in the area, according to Egyptian media.

This takes place a few hours after the Egyptian Army confirmed that six people were injured this Friday after hitting a drone in the vicinity of a medical facility in the Egyptian city of Tabaon the Red Sea and bordering Israel.

“An unidentified drone fell on the morning of Friday, October 27, near a building adjacent to the Taba hospital. The incident caused minor injuries to six people who were treated at the hospital and left after being treated,” the spokesperson said. of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Gharib Abdelhafez.

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