The Inspectors fear that Sánchez "fraction" the Tax Agency and give Catalonia its own Treasury

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The Treasury Inspectors fear that the Government will use the Tax Agency as a “bargaining chip” in its negotiations with the Catalan independentists, and this will lead to Catalonia has its own Treasury. “That it has control over the national taxes that accrue in Catalonia,” explain sources from the State Treasury Inspectors association.

“What we warn about is the danger of a division of the Tax Agency“They add from the organization directed by Ana de la Herrán, which this Thursday and Friday will hold their annual congress in Burgos. In their opinion, it would have “devastating effects” y “wicked“on the efficiency of the system and would generate inequality

The Inspectors have given as an example the estates of the Basque Country and Cataloniawho collect their own taxes and, subsequently, pay the State a quota or contribution for the services that Basques receive and that are not financed with regional revenue.

This system is included in the Constitution, and therefore it would be very complicated to apply in Catalonia. But the Inspectors do fear that this Catalan Treasury inspired by the regional format will be created and that, for example, the region would establish and collect its own personal income tax. And not only that, the Inspectors also believe that this could be expanded even to Social Security.

These two points, having control over the management of taxes and also the pensions of Catalan citizens, have been demands that the pro-independence parties have made on more than one occasion. And the Inspectors point out that they are back on the table now that the acting president, Pedro Sánchez, needs the support of Carles Puigdemont to carry out his investiture.

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