Appointment in Barbados to resume dialogue between Maduro and the opposition

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The announcement long awaited for weeks it was finally confirmed from Norway, facilitator of the negotiations between the government of Nicolás Maduro and the Unitary Platform, which represents the democratic opposition. “They have decided to resume the dialogue and negotiation process with the aim of reaching a political agreement, as provided for in the memorandum of understanding signed in Mexico City in August 2021,” the Oslo government made public.

The appointment is in Barbados, where negotiations will resume today two years later that the “people’s president” got up from the table in protest at the extradition from Cape Verde to the United States of Alex Saab, his supposed figurehead and main financial operator of the revolution. Beyond what both delegations certify, a few days before the opposition primaries next Sunday, in the previous months Washington and Caracas have maintained secret contactswith the Doha measurement, to bring positions closer together in an agreement that favors both: relaxation of sanctions against the oil industry in exchange for democratic conditions for next year’s presidential elections.

The main stone behind the final signature is called María Corina Machado. The conservative leader, virtual winner of the primaries thanks to the fact that she leads her rivals by more than 60 points, is disqualified by Chavismo illegally and unconstitutionally to prevent her from competing against Maduro in the 2024 polls. The polls today also indicate that the leader of Vente Venezuela would crush the “son of Chávez” by more than 40 points.

“The negotiation It is the only way to achieve a Venezuela of peaceprogress and well-being,” reacted Luis Florido, coordinator of the international commission of the Unitary Platform.

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