Israel "pass page" in the diplomatic conflict with Spain, but warns that Podemos’ statements encourage the "antisemitism"

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The Israeli Embassy has settled the diplomatic conflict with Spain after it released a statement on Monday to criticize the “shameful statements” of “members of Pedro Sánchez’s Government whom it accused of “aligning with the terrorism” of Hamas. ” We have already turned the page. We have already said what we had to say,” stated its top official, Rodica Radian-Gordon.

However, he has once again expressed his disagreement with the public statements of “some ministers”, in implicit allusion to those of the head of the Social Rights portfolio and general secretary of Podemos, Ione Belarra: “These types of statements then have a “A result that worries us a lot, because we are seeing more incidents of anti-Semitism. In fact, it is not the first time that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians leads to anti-Semitic demonstrations.”

The warning comes after the leader of the formation household raised the tone this Wednesday to publicly ask the PSOE to “suspend” relations with the Israeli State and encourage the European Union to impose “exemplary economic sanctions” against “the political leaders” of the “planned genocide” that, as it has stressed, is being carried out. committing in Gaza. In previous days he had asked to go to the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court to investigate “the war crimes committed by Benjamin Netanyahu.”

“We have listened to the president again [Sánchez] say that the only policy [internacional] of Spain is made by the president and the minister of Foreign Affairs [José Manuel Albares]. “We are satisfied with this response,” Radian-Gordon has tried to downplay. However, he has insisted that they hope that the Government “does everything to not have more demonstrations, not only of anti-Semitism, but of expressions of hate and statements that do not agree.”

This Tuesday, Moncloa tried to put an end to the diplomatic clash with Israel by disavowing both Podemos and Sumar – the space of which it is a part – with the argument that “there are only two authorized voices” to define Spanish policy abroad. The day before, through another statement, he had responded to the Embassy to “flatly reject the falsehoods expressed” about some ministers and warned that he would not admit “unfounded insinuations about them.”

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