At least two dead and 125 injured after two new earthquakes in the same place in Afghanistan where there were more than 1,000 deaths last week

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At least two people died and 125 were injured after two consecutive earthquakes, of magnitude 6.5 and 5.4, that hit western Afghanistanaccording to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), in an area where since Saturday of last week more than a thousand people have died as a result of a series of seismic movements.

“Two people have died and another 125 have been injured in today’s earthquakes,” said the spokesman for the governor of the province of Herat, Nisar Ahmad Elyas.

A first earthquake of magnitude 6.5 was recorded in the province of Herat around eight in the morning local time (3:30 GMT), at a depth of 6.3 kilometers and about 30 kilometers north of the capital, according to the USGS.

Barely half an hour later, a second earthquake of magnitude 5.4 again hit the province about 10 kilometers north of Herat.

This Afghan region was shaken last Saturday by several earthquakes of up to 6.3 magnitudeand successive aftershocks of considerable intensity left about 20 villages destroyed.

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