Radicalized father, a brother in prison for terrorism… The radical history of the Arras attacker and his family

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A young man radicalized and monitored by the intelligence services, a father expelled from the country for the same reason, a brother serving a sentence for terrorism… Two days after the stabbing of a teacher in Arras, northern France, they get to know each other. more details about the alleged murderer and his family. And the question arises: why the attack was not preventedtaking into account the profile of the assailant and his family.

Mohamed M., 20 years old, was radicalized and booked for it. His family was also under suspicion and, in fact, his older brother is serving time for advocating terrorism and for having participated in an attempted attack against the Elysée, as confirmed by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin.

Criticism of the Government is growing for these cracks in the system that allowed Mohamed M. to enter the institute where he studied on Friday and stab a teacher. The president of National Rally, Jordan Bardella, has called for Darmanin’s resignation. The minister does not believe that there has been “a problem with the intelligence services.” At a press conference on Saturday, he recalled that They dismantle a terrorist attack every two months. Darmanin also said that from now on all foreigners who have a suspicious profile will be expelled.

The family of the alleged murderer, of Russian origin, arrived in France in 2008, when he was a child. The family had applied for asylum in 2014, which was rejected, and there was a collective expulsion orderwhich was ultimately not executed.

Manuel Valls, Minister of the Interior at that time, explained why: They met the conditions to stay: “They had been on French soil for more than five years, the children were small, they were attending school and they spoke French,” he explained to the media. Telegram me.

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