Bolsonaro, one step away from being politically disabled

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Jair Bolsonaro, former president of Brazil, was on the brink of being politically disqualified on Tuesday night. It is expected that the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) vote this wednesday by a clear majority the ban on Bolsonaro to carry out political activities until 2030.

Bolsonaro is accused of having committed abuse of political power and misuse of the media during a meeting with ambassadors held in July 2022 in Brasilia in which he repeatedly spoke of the danger of fraud in the electronic voting system.

“That meeting is not a photo on the wall, but a fact placed in a context,” he said. Benedito Gonçalvesthe rapporteur member of the TSE who accuses Bolsonaro of having failed in the duties of a public official and who already voted this Tuesday in favor of declaring him “ineligible”.

Bolsonaro “ostensibly violated” the duties of the President of the Republic provided for in the Constitution, in particular that of “guaranteeing the free exercise of established political powers and rights and internal security.”

According to Gonçalves, the former president “assumed an unjustified direct antagonism with the TSE, seeking to victimize and discredit the competence of the technical body to bring the actions of the TSE to absolute international discredit”.

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