Caja Ingenieros changes its name and aims to reach 250,000 members by 2026

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Almost 56 years after its creation, Engineers Box launches corporate identity and name and inaugurates strategic plan with the purpose of reaching 250,000 members by 2026, a milestone that would mean adding 35,000 new members to those it currently has.

The group has been carrying out internal work for months to update its corporate image and align its culture and values ​​with what it is and what it aims to be. The most visible conclusion is the loss of the preposition ‘de’ in its name, in addition to a change in the logo that leaves behind the shield that represents the industrial engineers with which it had been identified since its beginnings.

In addition, the company has established new objectives for Strategic Plan 2026which include achieving an ROE of 9% (in 2022 it stood at 5%), a capital ratio greater than 18% and an efficiency ratio of 70%, among other variables.

In addition, the bank has proposed to “humanize the finances” of its clients, which according to its general director, Joan Cavallé“involves establishing a new segmentation among its partners based on their financial health and offering a series of services and products according to their situation and aspirations.”

To this end, the bank has expanded its branch network in recent years, which has gone from 13 to 33, with a total of 530 employees.

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