Chaos in New York due to intense rain: subways interrupted, streets turned into lakes and roads closed

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The mayor of New York, Eric Adams, defended himself against the criticism that surrounds him today for his delayed response to the chaos experienced in the city due to the intense rain which has caused flooding and problems with the nation’s largest transportation system.

“If someone was caught off guard (by the rain), then they had to be living under a rock,” he said in an interview with radio station 1010 Wins.

Immediately afterwards, the mayor highlighted that he has “a great team of professionals who know their job.”

“I think it’s really a benefit for New Yorkers to see that it’s not just the mayor but a group of professionals,” he simply noted.

The intense rain that has fallen for hours, and which led to a declaration of a state of emergency, has caused chaos with roads closed, streets turned into lakes, the old subway system completely interrupted on some routes or partially on others, leaving thousands of people doing everything possible to get to their jobs or homes.

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