Ukraine – Russia war, last minute | Evacuation order from the western Ukrainian region of Vinnytsia after a Russian attack on basic infrastructure

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It has been 584 days of war in Ukraine and a new attack by Russia hits infrastructure, related to energy generation or other basic industries, in the western Ukrainian region of Vinnytsia, where an evacuation of the population has been ordered early this morning. Saturday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said, in a speech broadcast on video on the occasion of the first anniversary of the controversial Russia’s announcement to annex the regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhiathat the decision to join Russia was seen reinforced by local elections of this month, in which they came out elected officials who supported Russian annexation.

Western countries denounced last year’s referendums as illegal and a year after that annexation, Russian forces do not control any of the regions in their entirety.

Slovakia has opened the polls for elections in which the controversial former social democratic and pro-Russian prime minister Robert Fico is the favorite. If his party, Smer, manages to win and form a government coalition, the former communist country could stop supporting Ukraine militarily in the face of the Russian invasion to the extent that it has done so far.

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