Ciudadanos expels Edmundo Bal and Francisco Igea after their criticism of the management for not attending the 23-J

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The Guarantees Commission of Ciudadanos, the body in charge of supervising members’ files, has proposed expelling former parliamentary spokesperson Edmundo Bal for his criticism of the Executive orange for not attending the general elections 23-Jas confirmed by Europa Press.

Along with him, the attorney has been expelled in the Courts of Castilla y LeónFrancisco Igea, who announced it this Thursday, and the militants Borja Soto Foxá y Victor Gomez Frias, who were part of the critical front that publicly expressed their discomfort with the position of not appearing in the elections. None of these expulsions are final, they are proposals, because those affected can present allegations against this decision. However, Igea has already announced that he is not going to do it and Bal has no interest either.

He Disciplinary Regime Committee The party opened disciplinary proceedings against Bal, Igea, Soto and Gómez – these last two members of the General Council, the highest political body of the party between general assemblies – at the end of June.

After resigning from the elections, the then deputy orange He repeated on successive occasions that the intention of his party leadership is to “keep the money left in the box” for the election campaign. European Parliament of 2024, in a veiled reference to the secretary general, the MEP and leader of the formation in Brussels, Adrian Vazquez.

The relationship between Bal and the Citizens Executive headed by Vázquez and Patricia Guasp was already tense before, since the then deputy spokesperson in the Congress He ran to lead Ciudadanos in the primaries that took place in January as the culmination of the refoundation launched to try to turn around the situation of the party, plagued by successive electoral debacles.

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