Veranillo de San Miguel: Temperatures will exceed 30ºC this Saturday in almost all of Spain

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Temperatures will reach this Saturday values ​​higher than normal for the time in practically the entire country, with 30 degrees (ºC) widespread in almost all of Spain and a significant increase in thermometers in the Canary Islands and the Cantabrian areaas reported by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), which has activated warnings in Cádiz due to coastal phenomena and wind.

In the case of Badajoz, Córdoba and Seville, maximum temperatures will reach 37ºC and in the rest of Spain 30ºC will be the general trend. The maximums will increase in the Levante, northern third of the peninsula and the Canary Islands, more markedly in the Cantabrian area and interior of the Canary Islands; with few changes in the rest, even decreasing in areas of the southwest of the peninsula.

They will be clearly higher than the normal values ​​for the time in practically the entire territory and will exceed 33-35ºC in the southwestern quadrant of the peninsula, and locally even in the depressions of the northeast, northern plateau, inland areas of the extreme north and the Levant, and in the eastern Canary Islands.

As for minimum temperatures, they will also tend to increase, generally slightly, except in the Mediterranean area, in the Ebro and the Cantabrian coast and in northern Galicia where they will tend to decrease.

In the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, stable and dry weather is expected, with a predominance of slightly cloudy skies or with some scattered interval of high clouds. Low morning cloudiness is only expected in the northeastern half of GaliciaCantabrian area, upper Ebro and in the Strait area, as well as dispersed in the rest of the peninsular Mediterranean area and in the Balearic Islands, with the probability of causing morning fog banks.

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