Daniel Sancho changes lawyers again and pleads not guilty to premeditated murder

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The Spanish Daniel Sancho Last morning he declared himself not guilty of the premeditated murder of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta in Thailandduring a hearing in the court on the island of Samui. Furthermore, he has pleaded guilty to dismembering the body, as EL MUNDO has learned.

Sancho has changed lawyers again after filing a formal complaint with the judge complaining that the court-appointed lawyer assigned to him has not gone to see him in prison. The magistrate has validated his complaint and has assigned another lawyer, also ex officio.

As this newspaper has learned, the next court date will take place on next November 27where the rights will be read, and the prosecutor will present the evidence he considers appropriate.

At that hearing, Sancho, 29 years old and in provisional prison since last August 7denied being guilty of the premeditated murder of the Colombian on the island of Phanganas well as making his passport disappear (charge of destruction of documents), two of the three charges against him, but He pleaded guilty to dismembering and hiding his body.

Sancho assured during the hearing that the death of Edwin Arrieta It was due to an accident.

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