The European Union ignores Madrid and renews sanctions against the 54 Chavista leaders

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The European Union (EU) has announced today that it will renew the sanctions against the 54 Chavista officials accused of violating human rights and undermining democracy. “The restrictive measures against all people on the list must be extended until May 14, 2024 and the reasons for inclusion on the list of 16 people must be updated,” the European government reported.

In this way, Brussels destroys the strategy of the Government of Madrid, which sought to grant them amnesty with the excuse that the United States has relaxed its energy sanctions against Caracas. From the first moment, the initiative of Minister José Manuel Albares was opposed by Germany and the Netherlands.

The reality is that it is personal sanctions that do not affect the population in general and that point to 54 revolutionary leaders, generals, torturers and collaborators of Nicolas Maduro. At the head is the number two of the regime, the former military man God given hairand the vice president Delcy Rodriguez, right hand of the “people’s president.” The EU has pointed out in particular Elvis Amoroso, sanctioned when he held the Comptroller General’s Office of the Republic and today became president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) by decision of Maduro. Amoroso was in charge of sanctioning opposition leader María Corina Machado with false accusations last June so that she could not compete in next year’s presidential elections.

The initial list was 55, but Tibisay Lucena, in charge of the electoral fraud who died in April.

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