Daryl Dixon: a new hope for The Walking Dead

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All series derived from The Walking Dead They have tried to tell their own story. They have all tried to try something. Some have succeeded, others have not. and one, the too long one Fear the Walking Dead, has had, like the original series, peaks and valleys. But it is appreciated that from the first to the last they have all fought to have their own personality, their own driving idea. The one of Daryl Dixon, recently premiered on AMC+, is hope. It’s a beautiful idea that gives rise to a remarkable series. Daryl Dixon It does manage to tell its own story.

Built around the very iconic Daryl Dixon, present in The Walking Dead Since its first season, this series has been created by David Zabel, a very veteran screenwriter with credits in, for example, Emergencies. He is in charge of bring Daryl Dixon from the French Atlantic coast to a port in the north of the country. How (and why) Daryl got to France is one of the questions of the series. Why and with whom he will go north is its very premise. The concept behind both things is the same: hope.

The other concept that supports the series is also very clear: Norman Reedus. Daryl Dixon’s star was, along with Melissa McBride (Carol), a fan favorite of The Walking Dead since the beginning. The complex and very exciting relationship between its characters sustained the series in many moments. Carol will appear in Daryl Dixon and that will be an event, but let’s not forget that this new fiction takes place in France, so its cast is full of French actors. Clémence Poesy (The Tunnel) He is the most powerful face of the series’ European cast. His character is, in a way, the European distillation of the apocalypse that Robert Kirkman presented in his now legendary comics. In Daryl Dixon, Poesy is Isabelle, a nun with a very unvirtuous past. Like any inhabitant of the universe TWD, Isabelle has had to adapt to the new world. The collapse of civilization was, for her and for everyone, an obligatory catharsis.

That America is not the center of the universe (and, for that matter, there is more America than the United States) is also in Daryl Dixon. What in Daryl’s land were “walkers” are “hungry” in France (“hungry“), access to weapons in the old world is different and the fortresses where you can take refuge were already built in the Middle Ages. And it is not the same (sorry, but it is not the same) to see Atlanta fall than to see Paris fall.

Daryl Dixon understands this and develops a concept that all tributaries of The Walking Dead Have you ever used: part of civilization are those lies we tell ourselves to survive. In the first two episodes of the series a few are told and many more are intuited. And of course, there is action and zombies. Sorry: walkers. Sorry: hungry.

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