One deceased and two survivors when a sailboat capsizes in Lanzarote

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A man has died and two others have survived, all of them of Russian origin, when the sailboat capsized early this Wednesday. Mai Tai in which they were traveling after crashing into some rocks north of Lanzarote, sources from Maritime Rescue and of Island Emergency Consortium.

The body of the deceased crew member was recovered this morning at sea, off the coast of Tinajowhere the sailboat capsized last night, while the two survivors, two men aged 52 and 40, were located at dawn, one in the water by a helicopter. Maritime Rescue and another on the ground by firefighters from the Consortium.

The two men had hypothermia and the youngest had also suffered multiple contusions, and both remain admitted to the hospital. Doctor José Molina Orosa Hospital in Lazarotehas detailed in a statement the Emergency and Security Coordination Center of the Canarian Government.

The sailboat Mai Tai This morning it issued an alert at 1:20 a.m. giving its position north of Lanzarote, so the Las Palmas Rescue Center mobilized the Helimer 204 helicopter, to the sea guard. Concepcion Arenal and the Consortium firefighters, according to sources from Maritime Rescue.

After the helicopter sighted the wreckage – at around 2:40 a.m. – it proceeded to rescue the first survivor in the water, which confirmed that three people were traveling on the sailboat and that it had been shipwrecked when it hit the rocks.

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