Díaz and Belarra compete for the Palestinian cause: the vice president talks about "war crimes" and Belarra accuses Sánchez of not being "at the height"

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The acting second vice president of the Government and leader of summer, Yolanda Diazhas asked this Sunday that Israel purge its legal responsibilities for the “war crimes” it is committing in Gaza and has demanded an immediate ceasefire.

Yolanda Díaz, who has participated in Madrid in a demonstration called by Palestinian organizations, groups and NGOs against the “genocide” of Israel in Palestine, has considered that the acting president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez“defends the same as 120 other United Nations countries, we all ask for a ceasefire.”

“We are talking about war crimes and I have been asking for days to clarify legal responsibilities. The story about Gaza is written,” warned the vice president, who has asked that “double standards” stop existing because international legality is the same for everyone and “today, Israel is committing war crimes.

The acting Minister of Social Rights and General Secretary of Podemos, Ione Herbwho also attended the demonstration, believes that the European leaders, including the Spanish, “are not up to the gravity of the circumstances” and has insisted that Europa He has to act now because “he is going to pay dearly for this hypocrisy of proclaiming human rights all over the world and, when it is necessary to show his face, doing nothing.”

Belarra, who has called for breaking diplomatic relations with Israel and removing the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahubefore the International Criminal Court to be judged “for what he is, a war criminal”, has also said that Spanish foreign policy must be agreed between the Government’s partners since now, he said, “the PSOE is carrying out unilateral position that they consider only”.

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