The former vice president of the Constitutional Rodríguez Arribas dies, contrary to the "legal aberration" of the amnesty law

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In the early hours of Sunday morning, the former vice president emeritus of the Constitutional Court died at the age of 89. Ramon Rodriguez Arribas (Madrid, 1954). The news was announced by Professional Association of Magistracy (APM)majority in the judicial career and of which he was president.

“We deeply regret the death of one of our founders, Mr. Ramón Rodríguez Arribas, an active member until the end, an extraordinary jurist and with an unwavering commitment to the Constitution and to Spain,” the association has written in X.

Recently, Rodríguez Arribas had spoken out against the amnesty law that the PSOE is negotiating with the independence movement to achieve the re-election of Pedo Sánchez as President of the Government.

Its approval would mean “publicly acknowledging before Europe and the world that our rule of law was not rule of law during the recent past and that it applied unjust laws and punished as crimes conduct that should not be condemned. How can we reach this humiliation “How can we play this role before Europe? It is absolutely unpresentable,” he declared last September in an interview in Conlegal.

“What the amnesty does is recognize that during a previous time something that was not a crime was punished as a crime. Which is more than an injustice, it is an barbarity, […] a legal aberration and an atrocity, in addition to a historical falsehood and betrayal because Spain has been an example in the world of democracy and, above all, of complete rule of law,” he indicated in another recent interview in Vozpopuli.

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