Election of the Congress Bureau, live | Voting begins to elect the new president

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The Executive of Together for Catalonia, meeting from 8:00 a.m. to decide the direction of his vote in relation to the presidency of Congress, he has reached a “principle of agreement” with the PSOE to “facilitate” the accession of the socialist Francina Armengol to office. This has been communicated by Jordi Turull to the members of the governing body of the party. However, the party He has not yet closed the definitive yes since of the points proposed to achieve the pact there is still one to be closed. The final position adopted by Puigdemont’s team would depend on this last requirement, which could be a yes to Armengol or an abstention.

The negotiation with the Socialists and the internal talks within Junts could be prolonged until minutes before the vote.

In today’s session, which begins at 10 in the morning, the Cortes will be constituted and the new Board of the Lower House will be elected. On an interim basis, the so-called Age Table will direct the plenary session, chaired by the oldest deputy, the socialist christina narbonaaccompanied by the two youngest, Ada Santana and Ferran Verdejoas secretaries.

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