Esperanza Aguirre demands that Feijóo abstain from Sánchez "so that he does not govern with independentists"

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The investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijóo has not finished and there is already debate about what the PP should do in that of Pedro Sánchez. The debate on a possible abstention is gaining momentum and that is why the party leader – as he has anticipated THE WORLD– will use his final speech today to settle that possibility. She will tell Sánchez to “not ask for it.”

It happens that just a few hours before that, the former president of the Madrid’s community Esperanza Aguirre has rubbed salt in that wound, with some statements to Telecinco, this same Friday. “If I were Feijóo, I would offer Pedro Sánchez the PP votes that are necessary as long as he does not govern with communists, nor with independentists, nor with philterrorists.”

“I, of course, would do it,” he insisted. “I am sure that if Feijóo does it, which I hope he does, Pedro Sánchez would despise him with the utmost contempt, because he is convinced that it is great to govern with philterrorists, coup plotters and communists,” she later clarified.

Feijóo wants to dispel this possibility. During his speech in the Lower House today, he will tell the socialists not to “ask” his party to give them something at Sánchez’s investiture that they have not wanted to give him now. And he will insist that they cannot count on the PP “for what they intend to do”, that is, for the amnesty, say sources familiar with the content. “It will close the possibility of the PP instating Sánchez. That he abandons all hope. The only possibility for him is with the independentists and with amnesty,” they explain. “And if he doesn’t want an amnesty, let him not do it and let the PP govern,” they add.

It is not the first voice of the PP that opens the door to abstention. The number one conservative on the Congress list for the province of Barcelona, ​​Nacho Martín Blanco, did so on Thursday, although in an ambiguous message in which he suggested “talking about it.” In an interview in The mornings of TV3, when asked specifically about this issue, Martín Blanco responded: “The first thing to do is vote on the second vote of the investiture debate. Starting next week, if Feijóo finally does not get the necessary support, we will talk about it”. “Spain needs the two big parties to have high vision,” added the popular Catalan leader, making the hinges of the abstention door ring a little more.

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