Santander, Abanca, Sabadell and BBVA top the list of banks that pay more to their new clients

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This year, banks have consolidated an innovative strategy to attract new customers: give away cash In exchange, the entities They request direct debit of their payrolls and a commitment to stay in the new entity, which usually varies between one and three years.

As the months go by, the entities’ offers only improve and compete with each other. One of the banks that has substantially improved its offer is Santander Bank. “Until December 31, it offers a generous bonus of 400 euros in exchange for minimum income of 2,500 euros in your Online Account, in addition to the direct debit of two receipts. If monthly income exceeds 600 eurosbut do not reach the mentioned limit, the customer can still benefit from a bonus of 300 euros“, indicate the experts of the financial comparator

Santander’s offer marks the high point in a growing wave of increasingly competitive offers. “In addition, the account of the entity preceded by Ana Botín is free and does not charge commissions for its use and management,” they point out from the comparator.

The truth is that the amount of the bonus is related to the monthly direct deposit income, “the gift will be larger the higher the salary or pension. Of course, it is time to take advantage, never before have there been so many options to choose from” , they emphasize from HelpMyCash.

In this context, another entity that has improved its offer is bank. with his Clara Account, give away 300 euros when domiciliating the payroll and also remunerates at 2% APR up to 15,000 euros. Of course, the income must be at least 1,200 euros and you will have to maintain it for two years. And if the income is between 800 and 1,200 euros, then the gift will be 150 euros,” they exemplify from the comparator.

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