Estrella de Galicia billed 724 million euros in 2022, almost 20% more than the previous year

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The Hijos de Rivera Corporation, parent of Estrella Galicia, has presented the figures for 2022 on Tuesday. The executive president of the company, Ignacio Rivera, He stressed that “it has been a terribly intense and complicated year after the pandemic, we had a very significant price increase in our costs and raw materials.” In this sense, the company has had a benefit a 11.56% lower than the previous year.

In this sense, Rivera He explained that during the previous year the company sought to “mitigate the rise in prices and not increase prices” and this has meant that “the benefit has been substantially lower than last year.” In 2021 the company collected 94.9 million euros as opposed to 83.9 million this year, 11.56% less than in 2021.

If there was a positive change in terms of billing, the company went from 610 million euros in 2021 to 724 million in 2022, a variation of 18.61% “Above average growth and we continue to make progress as a corporation”, highlighted the executive president, who admits that they seek to reach 1,000 million euros.

Despite the change in habit that seems to be taking hold in society regarding the decrease in alcohol consumption, the company has increased sales compared to the previous year and went from 436 million liters to 494 million in 2022. Although Rivera has highlighted that they are studying this trend to introduce new alcohol-free products.

In the water business, growth was even greater and in the words of Rivera it has been “a good year”, since they experienced a variation of almost 15% going from 189 million liters to 217 million liters of water sold in 2022.

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