Europe continued to break temperature records in September

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Several European countries such as Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Denmark or Poland recorded record temperatures throughout the month of September, with the maximum of 45.7 degrees on the continent in Montoro (Córdoba) in the first week of the month.

The “extreme” summer has given way to unusually high temperatures at the start of autumn in the northern hemisphere. 2023 “may be virtually the hottest year ever recorded”, ahead of 2016 and due to the combined effect of the climate change and the phenomenon The boy of natural warming of the Pacific, according to the organization Berkeley Earth.

In France, thermometers reached 38.8 degrees in the first half of September in Vienne, in the southeast of the country. The average temperature for the month was 21.5 degrees, 3.5 degrees above average. The trend continues at the beginning of October, 28 degrees in Paris during the weekend. “It has been an exceptional month, many monthly records have been broken and temperatures have strayed four or even six degrees above the average over the last three decades,” he told The Guardian. Christine Berne, spokesperson for Metéo-France.

In Germany and Belgium Temperatures four degrees higher than usual were also recorded. David Dehenauv, Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgiumcertified that September was even hotter than July and August this year, saying that this had not happened since 1961. In Poland, Temperatures shot up 3.6 degrees above average and marked the record of the last century.

He United Kingdom also experienced the hottest September in its history, with an average maximum temperature of 22 degrees, above the previous record of 20.9 degrees set in 1895. At the beginning of the month, and in a final heat wave, the country surpassed 30 degrees for seven consecutive days, something totally unusual in the British Isles, which also broke their record for the hottest June at the start of summer.

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