Feijóo avoids confirming Gamarra as spokesperson for the PP: "In the new stage there will be adjustments"

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As soon as the question is cleared up about whether Pedro Sánchez will continue in La Moncloa or there will be a repeat election, Alberto Núñez Feijóo will make changes in the national leadership of the PP, in the Senate and in Congress. It is something that his party has been requiring of him since the bitter victory in the general elections of 23-J, in which the ‘popular’ were left at the arithmetic doors of the Government.

Feijóo had designed his Steering Committee to govern, but now that they have almost completely ruled out that they will remain in the opposition, he will make “deep” changes, that is, they will include a reorganization of senior officials. “We started a new stage and in the new stage there have to be adjustments,” said the president of the PP in an interview on Onda Cero.

All the sources consulted by this newspaper agree that it will be difficult for Cuca Gamarra maintain her role as general secretary of the party and, at the same time, spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies. Above all, she does assume more powers as Genoa’s number two, which is what the sources point to. Although everyone assures that only Feijóo knows the final decision.

Precisely for this reason he questioned you. Carlos Alsina to Feijóo, right in the last question of the interview: Is Cuca Gamarra going to continue being spokesperson? “That is a very good question. You will have the appropriate answer when we have the final decision,” responded Feijóo, who on Tuesday already assured, in an informal conversation with journalists, that he did not want to talk about this issue because “Cuca was in front of him.” .

“As soon as there is a new Government, we will make adjustments in Congress, in the Senate and in the party. We are starting a new stage and there have to be adjustments,” Feijóo explained. What he wants, according to sources close to him, is to “feminize” the party, bringing in a new spokesperson in the Senate, and giving more presence to the leaders in Genoa.

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