Feijóo will go to the 8-O demonstration against the amnesty: "It’s time to defend equality"

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The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, will attend the demonstration on Sunday in Barcelona against the amnesty, organized by Catalan Civil Society (SCC). “We believe that it is time to defend equality and the framework of coexistence,” said Elías Bendodo, confirming the attendance of his leader.

In a press conference after the steering committee of the PP, the general coordinator of the popular He has assured that “Feijóo is going to go as just another citizen, but he is going to leave the role to those who should have it.” “It is an event called by civil society, not by the PP. Whoever wants to go [de entre los líderes del PP], let it go. There will be many who will go, because the PP supports and supports the call,” Bendodo stressed.

One of the first to confirm his attendance was the president of the PP of Catalonia, Alejandro Fernandez, who has also called for mass mobilization. Cayetana Álvarez from Toledo has also assured that he will be at the 😯 in Barcelona, ​​and has “especially” celebrated that Feijóo is joining.

The date chosen by the Catalan Civil Society to protest against the amnesty is not coincidental. Just six years earlier, on October 8, 2017, more than a million people collapsed the center of Barcelona in protest against the attempted independence of Cataloniain what was then considered the greatest example of strength of Catalan constitutionalism.

SCC calls for repeating that success: “6 years ago the nationalist regime used the institutions to break the constitutional order and coexistence. The crimes did not go unpunished because democracy applied the mechanisms to restore legality. The amnesty would mean the collapse of the State of right”.

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