Firefighters track "by grids" The Murcia nightclub burned down and the regional government rules out any new victims

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One day after the deadly fire in the La Fonda nightclub in Murciathe firefighters continue inside, tracing “grid by grid” toward the rest of the damaged area, “to make an exhaustive analysis” of what could have happened, according to Jose Moralescoordinator of the Emergency services (SEMA) of the Murcia City Council. They are trying to find out if there are new victims, beyond the 13 officially recognized, who are awaiting identification.

Yesterday there was talk of five missing people. Four of them have contacted their relatives and are in good condition. The mayor of Murcia, Jose Ballestaspoke early this Monday about a fifth missing person, although since the Government Delegation and the regional president himself, Fernando López Miras, have already ruled out the appearance of new bodies.

Firefighters are working with “more intensity” in the area where the 13 bodies have been found, which are in the Forensic Anatomical Institute pending identification. Three of them have already been identified and the rest will take some time, since the bodies are charred and in some cases, dismembered, according to the Government delegate.

Due to the concentration of bodies, it is believed that the fire started “in the most lateral area to the right” of the La Fonda Milagros nightclub. From there, “a grid system has been made from the area where the fire started to the rest of the premises, and that is what we are doing right now,” said the spokesperson for the City Council’s Emergency Service. Murcia.

Once the interior has been shored up and the temperature is lowered, security agents will be able to access it. Judicial and Scientific Police displaced from Madrid to Murcia to find out the exact causes of the fire. It is something that will take days, even weeks, according to experts.

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