First day in Paris without electric scooters: "Pedestrians will live more calmly"

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From today Paris is orphaned of one of the most controversial elements of its streets: electric scooters. Necessary for sustainable mobility for some, annoying and dangerous for others, from this Friday there will no longer be municipal service scooters. This was decided in a referendum last April by the Parisians themselves. The mayoress of the capital, Anne Hidalgo, has promised that, to compensate, there will be more bike lanes and municipal bicycles.

In the French capital, the first in Europe to ban these motorized vehicles15,000 free-service scooters were circulating, but the agreement with the companies that provided them was now expiring. Last spring, Hidalgo decided to submit his continuity to popular consultation. Compared to its advantages (it is an ecological and accessible means of transport), there are its disadvantages: accidents have skyrocketed and people have left their scooters lying on the street, thus hindering pedestrians.

On April 4, 90% voted in favor of their disappearance, although less than 8% of the census went to the polls. Hereinafter Yes, individuals and rentals will be able to continue circulating, although “you lose the flexibility that self-service gave, it was fun and easy, but we will always have the bike,” jokes Marianne, a young user, in a cafe in Belleville. “They are dangerous, I almost got run over several times. Pedestrians will be calmer,” adds Cyril, a retiree, at the next table, where the issue has created debate.

This service launched in 2018 to promote greener mobility: avoid the car and give options to those who do not want to suffer from the problems of public transport (delays and full trains, even outside rush hour). The misuse that some have made of these vehicles has called them into question. Three people died last year. and more than 450 were injured in accidents involving electric scooters.

Excessive speed, those who traveled with two people or on the sidewalks, those who parked in the middle of it or in unauthorized places… These vehicles They were not subject to any regulation, they circulated with anarchy and they had more and more detractors. The mayoress of Paris was in favor of withdrawing them, but she preferred to call a popular consultation, so that the citizens could decide on their future.

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