French actress Emmanuelle Beart was a victim of incest as a child

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french actress Emmanuelle Beart She was a victim of incest when she was a child, as she herself revealed in a documentary presented this Tuesday in which she has not identified her abuser.

Beart, who has starred in dozens of films and television productions over the past 50 years, is the co-director of the documentary which was screened at a press conference on Tuesday before being broadcast to viewers on channel M6 on September 24.

Es famous in France for decades, and known worldwide for her performance in films such as “Mission Impossible” and “8 Women”.

The other co-director, Anastasia Mikova, has clarified that the abuser was not the father of the actress, Guy Beart, who has assured the press that the actress has not wanted to give the identity of the abuser because it is not “the focus of the film” .

The incest began when Beart was 10 and continued until he was 14, he has detailed. The documentary, called ‘Un silence si bruyant’ (“A silence so resounding”), includes the stories of four incest victims, as well as Beart’s own contribution.

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