Sánchez declares 42,000 euros for copyright of his ‘Resistance Manual’

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The acting President of the Government and leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, has declared earnings of 42.000 euros due to copyright, since it has two titles in bookstores: Resistance Handbookpublished in 2019, and The new Spanish economic diplomacyin 2013.

It is a part of the income that Sánchez has notified in the declaration of assets and activities that the Congress has made public this Wednesday together with the rest of the deputies of the Chamber, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albareswhich apart from including his gross monthly salary of 6,952 euros, declares a monthly allowance for large family of 150 euros. This aid is requested through model 143 of the Tax Agency.

Pedro Sánchez’s income includes, in addition to his salary as president of 87.814,80 euros and 42,000 for copyright, 12,845 for real estate lease. He owns two homes in Madrid and two parking spaces.

He has a mortgage loan of 159,300 euros of which he has 61,786 left to pay; two checking accounts with 19,208 euros, a pension plan worth 105,378 euros and an investment fund of 81,449.

Sánchez also declares donations to the Nur Social Work of the Nematollahi Sufi Center of Spain, which cares for people at risk of social exclusion.

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