Greta Thunberg, arrested in London in a protest against the oil industry

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Greta Thunberg was arrested this Tuesday in London along with 14 environmental activists in a protest against the meeting of the Energy Intelligence Forum (EIF), denounced by protesters as “the Oscars of oil.”

The Swedish activist participated in a collective sit-in in front of the Intercontinental hotel on Park Lane, where the event was being held, and was arrested in application of the controversial Public Order Law promoted by the Secretary of the Interior Suella Braverman, one of the most restrictive in Europe. .

The Swedish activist joined the Fossil Free London protesters and justified the protest to a group of journalists: “The conference formerly known as Oil & Money is being held behind closed doors, where politicians and lobbyists reach agreements and commitments. to advance the fossil fuel industry.
“The oil and money elite have no intention of making the transition,” warned the Swedish activist. “Her plan is to continue her destructive pursuit of profit. That’s why we’ve taken direct action to stop this and drive oil money out of politics.”

“They have left us no choice but to put our bodies outside the conference to cause physical disruption,” concluded Thunberg, detained on the fly with the powers of the renewed Public Order Law, criticized by civil rights associations for empowering the police to intervene in practically any protest.

Dressed in a gray raincoat, a wool hat and a black T-shirt that read “Oil & Money Out,” the Fridays for Future founder briefly exchanged words with two police officers who pulled her arms and put her into a van.

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