Sánchez recognizes Israel’s right to defend itself but demands the "protection of civilians in Gaza" and increases aid to Palestine

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There are fears in Europe that the conflict between Israel and Hamas will escalate even further and have a greater impact than the current one. The focus is not only on the purely war aspect, but on the “huge humanitarian crisis” that is already being experienced, with the population trying to leave Gaza. This scenario has led to an extraordinary European Council being held electronically this Tuesday.

After him, Pedro Sánchez appeared in La Moncloa, an institutional declaration without admitting questions, in which he reiterated Israel’s “recognition” to defend itself from the Hamas terrorist attack, within “international law and international humanitarian law”, but demands that this country guarantee “the protection of the civilian population” in Gaza. A demand that comes only hours after Hamas denounced the deaths, on Tuesday afternoon, of hundreds of people in an Israeli bombing of a Gaza hospital.

This public position, and the increase in aid to Palestine in terms of cooperation and humanitarian aid to 21 million this year, occur one day after the diplomatic clash with Israel, whose embassy in Spain issued a statement against the “immoral statements ” from some ministers – in reference to those of Sumar and Podemos, without expressly citing them -, pointing out that “certain elements within the Spanish Government have chosen to align themselves with this ISIS-type terrorism.”

Sánchez has explained that Spanish cooperation will contribute an additional 4 million to Palestine until the end of the year, which would put the total in 2023 at 21.5 million, 30% more than in 2023.

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