Hamas suspends negotiations to release hostages while siege on Al Shifa hospital continues

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Hamas announced that it is suspending negotiations for the release of the 240 hostages due to the actions of the Israeli Army in the hospital in Al Shifa, in the city of Gaza, sources from the Palestinian group told the Reuters agency. BThe pressure on the hospital is maximum, after the facilities were left inoperative due to lack of fuel and the center was surrounded by fighting between Israel and Hamas.

According to the United Nations, three nurses have died in the last hours due to attacks by the Israeli Army on the hospital. At least 13 patients, including three premature babies, have died since the power was cut at the facility last Saturday. Another 36 premature babies are at risk of dying, despite the efforts of medical staff to create incubator conditions without electricity.

“The shelling and armed clashes around the Shifa hospital in Gaza intensified since the afternoon of November 11. The infrastructure is in a critical situation, including the oxygen station, water tanks, cardiovascular facility and maternity ward,” the World Health Organization said in a statement, concluding that the hospital center “no longer functions.”

He Israeli army announced plan to evacuate patients and medical staff from the center, in an attempt to advance its operation against Hamas, since it believes that beneath the health center there are tunnels that lead to the organization’s headquarters. However, medical staff at the hospital rejected claims that they were helping to evacuate patients from the facility.

“We are prepared for the evacuation, but Israel does not allow it due to the intense fighting around the hospital and the presence of (military) forces, including planes, which prevent the evacuation and even the removal of bodies,” he told Media Luna. Palestine Red the director of Al Shifa, Mohammad Abu Salmiya.

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