Sánchez’s investiture, last minute | Yolanda Díaz announces that "in the next few minutes" the amnesty law will be registered

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The president of the Congress of Deputies, Francina Armengol, appeared at 11:30 a.m. to announce that the investiture of Pedro Sánchez will be held on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, November 15 and 16. Armengol has announced that the investiture debate will begin on Wednesday at noon and the vote will take place on Thursday. Asked about the demonstrations before Ferraz, Armengol assured that she has always defended freedom of expression but condemns violence. “It is very important to appreciate democracy, values ​​and dialogue as never before as a way of understanding each other in a mature democracy like ours. The government will respond sharply to any type of violence,” she stated.

Last night, for the tenth consecutive day, some 1.200 personas They gathered in front of the headquarters of the PSOE in Ferraz as a sign of protest against the amnesty included in the government pact signed by Pedro Sánchez and together. This represents a lower level of monitoring than in previous days, according to the Government delegation, although moments of tension were experienced again after a group of hooded followers stood in the front row of the protest.

It was believed that it would be this Monday when the PSOE would register the amnesty law proposal in Congress, but neither PSOE nor Sumar confirm that this will be the case. As EL MUNDO has learned, Pedro Sánchez’s partners are already receiving the text on the amnesty law and Yolanda Díaz has announced that “in the next few minutes” it will be registered in Congress.

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