Heavy rains and storms put 13 communities on alert during the weekend

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This Friday it is expected that An Atlantic low pressure system affects the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, with abundant cloudiness and almost widespread rainfall, accompanied by storms. These could occur from the early hours in the Mediterranean area, moving from southwest to northeast throughout the day, and could be abundant and locally strong, even locally persistent in Valencia, Alicante and the Catalan coast, without ruling out the Balearic Islands.

They will affect a large part of the rest of the Peninsula and will be abundant in large areas of the central and southern interior; and are likely to be locally strong in the southern interior of the peninsula.

In general they will be less intense in the rest and are unlikely on the Cantabrian coast. The AEMET does not rule out precipitation at the end of the day, in western Galicia. In the Canary Islands, cloudy intervals are expected, with rain in the north and probable showers in the interior of the mountains.

Likewise, they are expected morning fog banks in the Mediterranean area, Galicia, the Cantabrian area, the upper Ebro and the central mountains. Haze is not ruled out in Melilla, the southeast and the Balearic Islands, so the precipitation could be accompanied by mud.

Minimum temperatures will increase in the central north and without significant changes in the rest, while maximum temperatures will increase in the Cantabrian Sea and decrease in much of the rest of the Peninsula.

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