Israel and Hamas war, breaking news | Israel confirms more than 600 dead and 2,000 injured after Hamas attack

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The unexpected attack of Hamas has provoked an angry response from Israel and an escalation of the conflict that has already left more than 600 Israeli deaths and 370 Palestinians and more than 4,000 wounded on both sides. Israel further confirms more than 100 hostages in the hands of Hamas.

After a night of intense fightingIsraeli troops have regained control of 29 places that had been occupied by Hamas, but clashes with the militants continue in eight parts of the country.

Israel has rescued some of its citizens who had been kidnapped, while More than a hundred people, “soldiers, but also civilians, including children and grandparents,” remain capturedas confirmed by Israeli Army spokesman Richard Hecht.

In the early hours of Sunday, the Israeli Army bombed infrastructure of the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah with drones in southern Lebanon, in the disputed area of ​​Cheba Farms, after that group launched several mortars towards Israel.

Furthermore, Israel has announced that it will evacuate all its citizens living around the Gaza Strip in the next 24 hours, after deploying tens of thousands of soldiers to combat infiltrated Palestinian militiamen.

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