Israel calls for Guterres’ resignation and intensifies its attacks on Gaza

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19 days after the start of the war that began with the attack by the fundamentalist group Hamas in southern Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that his army is preparing for the ground incursion to hit “the perpetrators of the Hamas-ISIS massacres”. Meanwhile, the intense air offensive continues against hundreds of targets, including underground ones, in the Gaza Strip, which, between bombs and missiles, requested the urgent entry of fuel to prevent the collapse of hospitals.

“I will not detail when, how and how much or even all the considerations we took into account,” Netanyahu declared of the ground offensive. In a television intervention, he pointed out that his forces killed “thousands of terrorists and it is only the beginning” and pointed out two objectives: “Destroy the military capabilities of the Hamas Government and do everything possible to return the kidnapped people home“.

Israel, which accused Iran this Wednesday of helping Hamas, has not yet begun the invasion to give more time to the release of children (30) and perhaps women among the 222 kidnapped in the hands of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and to the United States to to strengthen its defenses in the Middle East.

After the open fronts in Gaza and the West Bank, Lebanon (Hizbullah) and Syria (militias and the Bashar Assad regime), Israel faces a new front although it is not fire but rhetorical: the UN. His Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has become the target of the Israeli diplomatic campaign that accuses him of linking the jihadist attacks of October 7 with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“It is important to recognize that Hamas attacks do not come from nowhere. The Palestinian people are under 56 years of suffocating occupation“, Guterres had declared, later clarifying that he does not justify the attacks and being “shocked by the biased representation” of his statements. His clarifications do not reduce Israel’s discomfort – even under an unprecedented trauma and in a relentless fight against Hamas – towards the representative of an organization that was already considered “anti-Israeli”.

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