Israel’s war in Gaza, breaking news | Netanyahu calls on government to decide on deal to free hostages in Gaza

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The long-awaited agreement between Israel and Hamas will include a five-day truce, during which 50 hostages held by the Palestinian Islamist group will be released in exchange for 300 Palestinian prisoners in Israel, according to Egyptian security sources. “The agreement includes the release of 50 prisoners held by the resistance, including settlers and foreigners, in exchange for 300 Palestinian prisoners, children and women,” according to sources.

Meanwhile, the israeli forces have intensified their offensive against Hamas in the north of Gaza, fighting militants around a hospital where thousands of patients and displaced people have been taking refuge for weeks, and where despite the fighting, health officials managed to evacuate some of the wounded, according to AP reports. This is a new attack near a hospital that occurs during the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

A medical worker who was at the facility and the Ministry of Health in Gaza, run by Hamas, have stated that a projectile has hit the second floor of the Indonesian Hospital, killing 12 people. Both blamed Israel, which denied bombing the hospital, saying its troops returned fire at militants who attacked them from inside the 1.4-hectare compound.

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