Podemos renounces going to the Mixed Group: it will campaign against Sumar with Sumar’s money

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Podemos has decided to sit from the first minute on the opposition bench to the new Government. However, he is going to do it without ceasing to be part of the Sumar parliamentary group, one of the two legs on which this new coalition in front of La Moncloa.

In the leadership of the party purple They rule out that their five deputies are going to become independent of the political space with which they attended the general elections, which would reduce the allocation they receive by more than 20%. However, they have already made it clear that they are going to fight to enhance their “autonomy” with a view to the European elections in July next year, in which they plan to recover the ballot with their logo.

The general secretary, Ione Belarra, sent a letter to the militancy this Monday in which she directly accuses Yolanda Díaz and Pedro Sánchez of devising a “strategy” to replace them “with another political force that can symbolically represent the left, but that accept subordination to the PSOE and the agreement with the economic and media powers; that is, that it is, unlike We canservile before the de facto powers that still support the two-party regime.

In that letter he also reproaches the vice president that has built “a new one-man partyeliminating the political space that had managed for the first time in 80 years to break the historical exclusion clause” that prevented the “transformative left” from accessing the Executive; from “resigning” to campaign for the purple ones in the regional and municipal elections of May to, “thanks to the bad result, have more negotiating power” in the confluence of forces that presented themselves together to the general elections; to “veto” Irene Montero both on the lists and in her continuity at the head of the Ministry of Equality; and to despise them as interlocutors.

“They wanted to finish us off, but they couldn’t and the only thing they have managed to do is make us stronger (…). From this moment on we start working to recover a Government in which I not only command Sánchez and so that transforming this country is the top priority of the democratic bloc,” he concludes. Grass in his letter to his registrants.

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