Jorge Azcón, invested as president of Aragon in a new coalition between the PP and Vox with the support of the PAR

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Valencian Community, Estremadura, baleares… And the clasp was missing: Aragon. The Popular Party completes the regional record achieved on 28-M and it already governs in four enclaves hitherto under socialist rule. Jorge Azcón is from this Thursday the new president of Aragon thanks to one more coalition of the popular and Vox, which in this region also has the support of the PAR.

The day was more than symbolic in the Courts of Aragondyed green in honor of Saint Lawrencepattern Huesca, on his big day. Azcón will remember it as the day he comfortably achieved a majority to be sworn in: the 28 seats for the PP, added to the seven for Vox and the one for alberto leftthe PAR deputy, form a solid bloc that allows the popular regain control of Aragon after eight years in opposition and two socialist legislatures with Javier Lamban at the controls

In a debate in which the rest of the parties showed their position on the new pact of the right, Azcón called to “look to the future” and boasted, as on Tuesday, of the existing harmony with Vox despite their differences. He took the opportunity to rule out any speculation about the transfer of the Ebroand accused the left of spreading lies in order to destabilize and demonize the new Executive.

With the permission of the Region of Murcia, the Aragonese is the government pact between forces of the political right that has taken the longest to move forward. In fact, the new opposition charged Azcón in the investiture debate for having been the slowest candidate to articulate the necessary support: 75 days when he takes office this Friday and becomes one of the main territorial barons of the PP.

The entry of Vox into the Government of Aragon does not please the new opposition either, which is already trying to tie Azcón to his “toxic friends”, as defined by the Aragonese Desert (CHA), despite having softened the alliance by including the PAR in the equation. The socialist spokesperson, mayte perezwarned that the region, because of the tax reduction promised by the PP, will lose 200 million in cuts and will go to the “caboose” of the national economy.

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