Judge Pedraz archives the case against Oleguer Pujol nine years after his arrest

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The judge of the National Court Santiago Pedraz has filed the case for money laundering Oleguer Pujolthe youngest son of former Catalan president Jordi Pujol, concluding, nine years after his arrest for this case, that there is no basis “even to appreciate evidence of any crime.”

In a car, ahead of El Mon and to which EFE has had access, the head of the central investigative court number 5 of the National Court agrees to file the separate piece that opened Oleguer Pujol Ferrusola for alleged laundering through operations in the company Dragó SL, because “it did not the commission of any crime is duly justified”.

According to the judge, who decreed the provisional file in a one-page order, despite the diligences carried out throughout the investigation, “there is not even a basis to appreciate evidence of any crime, and those that were supplied were mere suspicions, not fit to follow a criminal proceeding”.

Within the framework of the ‘Pujol case’, the National Police arrested Oleguer Pujol, the youngest son of the former president of the Generalitat, in October 2014, and searched his house, to find out if he laundered money from abroad through various real estate operations carried out with money of unknown origin.

Among these operations were the purchase of 1,152 Banco de Santander offices with a value of 2,117 million, the acquisition of Bankia buildings by companies linked to the member of Pujol Step Negocios and Ursus Alfa, the purchase of a hotel in Canarias and several operations carried out between the company Longshore and Prisa División Inmobiliaria.

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