Kevin Spacey exonerated: can he get his career back now?

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One more time, Kevin Spacey He has been exonerated by the Justice of the criminal charges against him for sexual harassment. This time, in London, where he faced 12 charges, to which a thirteenth was added during the trial, of four men who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by the actor between 2004 and 2011. It’s almost a tradition. In 2018, the Los Angeles Justice found him not guilty. In 2019, that of Massachusetts. In 2022, a New York court ruled that he was not liable in another case.

Most of the allegations that have been dismissed in London concern acts that occurred when Spacey ran the Old Vic Theater in the UK capital between 2003 and 2015. Spacey left the post before he fell to infamy, in 2017, when the actor Anthony Rapp assured that Spacey assaulted him in his New York apartment in 1986, when Rapp was 14 years old and Spacey 26. The Vic Theater then published a statement in which it acknowledged its guilt as an institution for not having attended to Spacey’s alleged victims and committed itself to be a safe space for your workers in the future.

However, Spacey, according to the judges’ verdict, has not sexually assaulted anyone. Exactly the same as, for example, Woody Allen, target of a smear campaign by his ex-wife, Mia Farrow, and one of her adopted sons, Ronan. Of course: since then, Allen’s career has taken a nosedive, especially in the United States. Numerous stars have proclaimed before God and before History that they will not participate in his films again. The French publisher Hachette, which has been publishing the memoirs of Rudolf Höss, the director of the Nazi death camp at Auchswitz, refused to publish Allen’s. And the director’s new film has been financed and made in France because in his country he is untouchable. And there are more references: the career of Johnny Depp He was forever changed after his ex-wife, Amber Head, accused him of domestic violence.

So the prospects for Spacey don’t look rosy. The Allen and Depp cases suggest not the end of a career, but yes a drastic lowering of expectations of the person accused and declared innocent. Let’s not forget that due to the allegations, Spacey was digitally erased from the film. All the Money in the Worldby Ridley Scott, in a technological effort to alter history that would have made Stalin’s political commissars salivate.

The accusations have also had a significant financial impact on the artist, who has had to compensate the producers of the Netflix series with 31 million dollars (28 million euros) House of Cards, of which he was the protagonist, when the scandal broke and he was fired. He is the 21st century Hollywood version of the authentic “in addition to being cuckolded, beaten.” As the Hollywood branding and PR expert has said Mark Borkowski“The result of the trial has put an end to all the noise. The question, however, is will Kevin Spacey be able to return to being Kevin Spacey? Will he be able to regain his position at the top of Hollywood? Unfortunately, not “.

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