kyiv attacks the land corridor linking Crimea with occupied Ukraine

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He chongar bridgewhich connects the Crimean peninsula by road with the Ukraine occupied by RussiaIt has two lanes, one going and the other coming back. This Thursday, after the visit of two Storm Shadow missiles (it seems that in its French version), both tracks had huge holes and serious structural damage. That is to say, perhaps this construction, vital for the Russian war effort, can continue to be used to move in a car (avoiding the gaps), but it seems impossible that a 50-ton armored vehicle can already cross it.

kyiv tries with this action to repeat the strategy that it carried out with the Antonovsky bridge of Kherson. That is, to prevent the Russians from using it to move their military equipment from one side of the Dnipro River to the other and forcing them to have to do it by ferry, with the logistical difficulty that this entails.

The crimean peninsula it only has two land routes to cross into occupied Ukraine. One is the aforementioned Chongar bridge, through which, until this Thursday, 70% of road traffic ran. The other is the Armiansk pass, which forces you to go through the Chaplynka route, continuously attacked by kyiv. What problem does this option present? That it is only 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian positions on the other side of the Dnipro river, which means that it is within range of the fearsome shuttles of Himars missiles. What Ukraine has attacked It’s not just a bridge, it’s a vitally important land corridor..

Another tangible conclusion of this attack is that this area is very poorly defended from Ukrainian air attacks. A few days ago, kyiv blew up a military base in Genichesk without opposition, in which it is estimated that at least 100 Russian soldiers could have died (there are no official figures).

With this campaign of remote attacks, Ukraine is once again compromising Russian logistics after having destroyed part of its railway network, thanks to sabotage, of the entire occupied area, especially the routes that reach Tormak, the authentic logistical hub of the war effort. Russian in Zaporizhia.

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