kyiv relaunches the counteroffensive by reaching the first Russian defensive line

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The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskytries to relaunch his army’s counteroffensive on the southern front, where Ukrainian troops would have reached the enemy’s first defensive line in an attempt to reach the sea and isolate the Crimean peninsula.

“The closest circle and all the attention on a single issue: our offensive,” Zelenski commented today on Telegram, a message in which he stressed that he discussed with the high command of the army the next “steps”, the supplies and the actions of the enemy.

Zelensky chaired a special meeting of his headquarters. And it is that time is pressing. The counteroffensive that began last June 4 He has good weather as an ally, but summer does not last forever.

One of the participants was Valery Zaluzhnithe commander in chief of the Armed Forces, who also updated Mark Milley, the US chief of staff, on the progress of operations.

In this regard, the deputy commander of the Ukrainian forces in the south of the country, Sergey Kuzminhighlighted today that his troops had advanced several hundred meters near the strategic village of Robotyne, in the heart of the Zaporizhia region.

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