La Palma relives hell: "We are devastated. It’s not fear. it’s panic"

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The only thing that could tame the fire on La Palma was the harmony of three elements. Any imbalance, no matter how small, between the temperature, wind and humidity could translate into a lethal result for the island, which has not yet recovered from the shock of the volcano in 2021. On this Sunday, luck was on the side of the firefighters, the Civil Guard and the Army because there has been a balance between the thermometer and the air.

At dawn the fire began to be controlled and this morning the left flank was contained. It is true that the flames have managed to reach the La Caldera de Taburiente National Park and that have devastated more than 60 hectares but it is under control.

However the situation is changing and the next few hours are key since there are fears of a change in wind height.

The shock came on the afternoon of this Sunday, when the fire was reactivated in the upper part of the municipality of Tijarafe, above the town, and land and air resources were used thoroughly so that this reactivation did not consolidate and end up affecting homes. Tijarafa is one of the evicted municipalities.

In parallel to the flames and their evolution, there are the residents who have had to leave their homes and the feeling among the citizens of La Palma of being reliving a new natural tragedy.

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