Labor leader accepts first resignation for refusing to support ceasefire in Gaza

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British Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer He has resigned for the first time in his ‘shadow government’ team for refusing to support a “ceasefire” in Gaza. Imram Hussain45, MP for Brafrod, has resigned from his position as head of workers’ rights.

Hussain alega discrepancies with their leader before the Israel military offensivewhich has caused more than 10,000 dead in response to the Hamas terrorist attacks that caused 1,400 deaths. Starmer has to date supported a “humanitarian pause”, but has opposed the “ceasefire” considering that Hamas would not respect it.

More than 20 Labor councilors have resigned in recent weeks and have criticized “the lack of empathy and humanity” of its leader, who even justified in a radio interview the water and electricity cuts in Gaza as part of Israel’s “right to self-defense.”

Last Friday, Starmer attempted to amend the plan, citing the need to “alleviate the suffering” of the civilian population and recognizing that Gaza “desperately needs faster humanitarian aid.” The Labor Foreign Affairs spokesman, David Lammy, has gone further this week and urged Israel to take measures to avoid “the humanitarian catastrophe.”

MP Imram Hussain however decided to break the bank on Wednesday and resign from his position in the “front row” of the Labor Party, although keeps his seat. “I want to be able to firmly defend the ceasefire, which is what the UN Secretary General has asked for,” he wrote in his resignation letter to Starmer.

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