Living with pain: a reality suffered by one in four Spaniards

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One in four Spaniards suffer chronic pain. Specifically, and according to data from the latest chronic pain barometer presented last April, 26% of citizens suffer from this disease that conditions their daily lives.

A percentage of people that has been increasing in recent years and whose The only hope in many cases is to go to a Pain Unit where, through different techniques and drugs, they manage to restore the quality of life that was taken from them.

For pain to be considered this way, it must appear more than four days a week and last more than three months. Living all day long with pain that incapacitates Going shopping, going to work or doing housework is terrible, to which we must add the lack of understanding of a large part of society.

The most common profile of the patient with chronic pain is that of a woman between 55 and 75 years old, with a low purchasing power and bad lifestyle habits. They suffer more than them, specifically the prevalence is 31% compared to 21%.

By location, the most common pain is backgenerally for scoliosis or protrusions that cannot be operated on, followed by that produced by knee osteoarthritis, hip and shoulder. In third place would be pain of oncological origin.

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